In light of the heart-breaking events of 22nd May in 2017 in Manchester, Commonword is showcasing and sharing poetry about our brilliant city, that represents the diversity and strong community of Manchester #westandtogether


#westandtogether by Julia Davis-Nosko

#westandtogether by Salena Godden

City of Warriors by Nadeem Zafar

Home Town by Steph Lonsdale

Hope is on the Way if you Stay by Mei Yuk Wong

Jali by John Siddique

Manchester by Cath Staincliffe

Manchester by John Loane

Manchester by Meshach Brencher

Manchester is a Woman by Joan Turner

Manchester Lives On by Jolivia Gaston

Manchester Style by Mahboobeh Rajabi

Men & The Bees by Hafsah Bashir

Pub Triolet by Dominic Berry