#westandtogether by Salena Godden


A City in aftershock. A Vibration. Something in the air.

It takes me back to 911 – 12th September 2001 –

The Day After. Remember. The City of New York awash

with fear but also hope. This is what Manchester

was to me yesterday. An example of human

spirit, they call it the Blitz spirit, I call it

Love. Believing in More and a better world.

I call it love. There was love in Manchester

yesterday. Resilience. Defiance. Unity.

Kindness. Irony and gallows humour. The

worst of man, bringing out the best of

man. I’ve seen this before I thought

and my head reminded me, flashed

images of 911. Yes. I said I’ve seen this

before, this fear, this love, And I

look it in the eye… LOVE WINS.


© Salena Godden

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