City of Warriors (a tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing on 22.05.2017)

by Nadeem Zafar


I am shocked

Beyond violated

What gives anyone

Licence or reason

To rip our lives apart?

A human being

Committing such an atrocity

Against other human beings

Who did absolutely nothing

Except enjoy a concert.

Nothing justifies this

Nothing whatsoever.

However, my fellow Mancunians,

We are strong, we are unshakeable

This will not defeat us

I’m here for all of you

If you need a helping hand

Or just an ear to listen

I’ll do whatever I can.

We must live our lives

As we have always done

To live in fear

Is not an option for us.

We will overcome

One and all, we will survive

Today and for as long as we live.


© Nadeem Zafar

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