Manchester by Meshach Brencher


it thrives, propagates honey harvesting

for being too much of a busy bee

the anatomy grew to be a creator, inventor, revolutionary

first conceived on a breast-shaped hill

hustle, sweat, blood, tears built this fort

the habitat of Old Trafford

rapturous applauds unleashed from the stands

make an impact in this Theatre of Dreams

and your head will levitate clouds

above any blue moon

a city united with a split personality

with multi-cultural exports from around the world

crystallised communities blended into one

dreaming of new fates

reminiscing on good times

care to dance or have a brew

let us show our swag

burning through our Northern souls


one torrential rainy night

momentarily shook this city

down a dark alley way

but we didn’t look back in anger

the silhouette beneath the graveyard rubble

unearthed its heart to flutter candles of condolence

these conditions are an Oasis

spreading Champagne supernovas

The One Love Manchester message

hoisted a gravitational bond with luminosity

our passion and drive ignites a Rolls-Royce

tongues lavishing of thoughts and prayers

laying peaceful on the shoulders of St. Ann’s Square

our voices a multi-coloured scope

that found a home in everyone’s landscape

one linguistic symphony to another

to an orchestra flowering bouquets

ringing Cathedral church bells

the force can be felt with a drop of an atom

Rutherford is an Ernest witness to this

John Dalton wrote the book


You’ll find this on the shelf of every street corner in this city.


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