Manchester is a Woman by Joan Turner


Manchester is a Woman

Manchester is a woman

The left rib of Britain

Bares men on her chest

And suckles women to their heart’s content


Too voluptuous for Cosmo

She swings her hips and the world follows

Crowned Cottonopolis

The last time she menstruated

Her womb flaked and fuelled a revolution


Come to her

Her breaths are placid

But she speak in serenity


Her heart pumps in Devil Red and Sky Blue

The strands of her hair stretch through every pitch


As she rises,

From bathing your feet

In Irwell, the cornucopia of her soul

After her Midas touch, to your life

You will amorously stay within her bounds

For nothing becomes more alluring

Than the silverest of linings


Manchester is a woman

Love her and you won’t need the world


© Joan Turner


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