Manchester by John Loane

The rain battered rooftops, all dark and grey
Glimmers of magic the manchester way
From football to music, this city is cool
Comedy clubs on a thursday open mic plays the fool.
It’s a laugh, a buzz a frenzy of fun.
It’s a right Happy Monday, spent some time on the run.

One night in May, our world flipped upside down
Happy faces turned to panic and frowns
Our world as we know it was broken in two
Temporarily damaged by the dirty few
Quick words can’t express the deepest of wrongs
Inside our hearts are battered outside we are strong

Now the sunshine shines bright as our children play
Untouched by the evil at work today
Let’s keep strong for the future
For all that is true,
We need love in our world, fun and happiness too.


© John Loane


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