Commonword Presents 369 Women in the Spotlight

This is a collaboration between Commonword's Women in the Spotlight programme and Three Minute Theatre's 369 programme.

7 women, 7 short new plays

Tickets on The 3MT website: £5 and £4 concession. Show starts at 7pm on 6th and 7th May Three Minute Theatre, Afflecks Palace, Oldham Street, Manchester



I Read a Book Once by Col Bashir It was explosive

Piano Forte by Hafsah Bashir In Syria, amidst the war and terror, one man's resistance plays out

The Curse by Jane Bradley When that time of the month makes you a monster

We Fight to Save a Flower by Dipali Das 1971 a country gains its Independence and a young woman is losing hers.

Cell Block Tango by Afshan Lodhi When is a prison not a prison? When it's a Removal Centre

Mum and Dad by Heena Patel One mother, boldly googles

N + Either by Shahireh Sharif Out of the mouths of babes