Writing for Children Prize Giving Ceremony
11th October
Chapter One Bookshop


Join us at Chapter One Books as we reveal the winner of The Diversity Writing for Children Prize 2016 is. All shortlisted entrants will read their entries and Penguin Children’s Books will announce this year’s winner.

Shortlisted entries for the 2016 Commonword Diversity Writing for Children Prize are:
Star Burn by Magda Knight
The Ghosts and Jamal by Bridget Blankley
Jed Zed Black by Roopa Farooki
The Monster Orphanage by Rohan Agalwatta
A Very Modern Covern by Manon Olegasagarem

To read the entries, go to: http://www.ihaveadream.org.uk/28-2/shortlisted-entrants-2016/