Young Identity began developing the material for this show in late August 2008 and the themes that they challenged in this show were the recession, capitalism and child labour. This show illustrated just how much the group has matured to date as they raised awareness of issues that were current in the political arena.

Happy To Help successfully tackled serious issues with quirkiness and also highlighting that they were blossoming as performers. Three members of Young Identity helped to direct the show under the leadership of Florence Wilson, and assisted in choreographing the stage movement. This illustrated the confidence that the poet coaches have in Young Identity and the commitment they have to empowering the young poets to contribute to the group.

Yussuf M’Rabty, Keisha Thompson and Saquib Chowdhury commented that being given the opportunity to have such an active role in the development of Young Identity was an “invaluable experience” and allowed them to gain organisational skills that they would not otherwise have gained.

Photography by Hema Karecha