Gill Haigh won the 2013 Commonword Diversity Writing for Children Prize.

Because of this, it led to her having an offer  from Catherine Pellegrino to be her agent. She said
Working with Catherine has been an enormous privilege.  I have been on a steep learning curve but ’Out of Water’ is now in its final editing stage and almost ready for publication.  I feel very blessed to have met Catherine; she is a wonderful mentor/editor/agent/friend and I am so grateful to her for all her help and patience over the time it has taken to produce the final manuscript.
She is now working on her second novel feels that ‘the skills [she] has gained through working with Catherine are sure to make the process of completing the novel much easier this time.’

She is currently located in London and attends many writing groups there. Her novel ‘Out of water’ is now in its final editing stage and is almost ready for publication.