Usman Azeez is 11 years old and he is in year 7. Usman’s favourite book is the plotless, pointless and pathetic book (?) by Joshua Wright. Usman says, “It is my favourite book because it is a very funny. It was also adventurous because of the different stories within the story.”

Wonder Crescent

Some of the time I spent
at the crescent was fantastic.
I loved the food
and the people were lovely.

Then I started to notice
the wallpaper peeling off walls.

But it wasn’t just me:
some people even had rats
helping themselves to the food.
Overnight, very quickly
people started leaving,
children started vandalising
and spraying and stealing.

The crescent was destroyed, a wonder
no more,
it was a broken crescent.

My Taxi

I just finished washing the china plates
my mum got me from Canada
when I heard a devastating crash.

I went out to see what all the commotion was about.
was my precious taxi

smashed by the demolished brick building.

People were staring to check if
anyone was in there and

I remember I asked a neighbour
to get my papers from the taxi
and there
beside the rubble, and my taxi

lay dead my neighbour.
Usman Azeez