My name is Vanessa Tauzeni, I am 12 years old and I go to Levenshulm High School. My favourite novel is Twilight by Stephanie Mayer. I liked that book because I have seen the movie and when I read the book it puts an image in my mind that makes me feel as if I’m watching the movie as well as reading the book. Stephanie Meyer inspires me because as I read her book makes me feels as if am actually ONE of the characters. It makes me feel as if am in the same dilemma e.g. as the characters, as if am in the same room as them watching them act out the story

Princess Road is a very popular road
but since December, I understand it is very cold,
not all people have been visiting or shopping here
compared to before, now I am thinking very clear.

I don’t know if it is because I am black
or is it the ‘unwell treated’?
Shop next to me called Noah’s Ark.
Is it because I have replaced it with my own African jewellery
Or is it because I have changed my shop so surprising?

I don’t know what’s wrong
but I intend to carry on and be very strong
My shop is cheaper
unlike the other one it is brighter.
Imagine how cheap my shop is but still
I don’t get enough bill.
I am black African and proud
But still get sucked to the ground

I need some customers to keep living
but now I think I’ve stopped believing
I don’t get a lot of credit around here
that is why I am moving back over there.

Each month I get fewer customers
all because of those life stealing betrayers.
During the time I am living here
I keep dreaming of living over there.
I realise it is not me it is them
and their black people’s problem
Just because I am coloured and they’re not
That called racism, I’ve been told.

I can’t afford a text book
I have to buy food
Turn the oven on and cook
My kids can’t have a good education
I don’t get why there is complication

I tell you why I haven’t stayed here
And I have moved back over there!!!