Kofi Nelson is 13 years old and he goes to Parrswood High School He is in year eight. Kofi’s favourite book is Captain Underpants.

“Captain underpants is actually called Mr. Krupp he is hypnotised to think that he is a super-hero. When ever Mr. Krupp hears the sound of fingers snapping he turns into captain underpants and turns back into Mr. Krupp when water is poured on his head.”
The author and illustrator of this book is called Dav Pillkey. He published the book in 1997

Childhood Life

During my time of childhood
I lived in Moss Side.
I remember the toys I played with
and the food I ate.

In 1999 when I was 6
I remember one Christmas eve
I heard a knock at the door, a man came in and went straight into the living room.

I snuck down stairs
looked into the living room;
it was a man in a red suit with a white and red hat and a white beard.

I thought to my self its Santa its Santa but
then I saw the strings attached to his beard
and from that night
I never believed in Santa again.