My name is Tashia Tauzeni and I am 14years old. I go to Trinity C of E High School and I am currently in year 9. This year I’m choosing my GCSE’s. I’ve read all the series of My Sister is a Vampire. My favourite book was Switched because it showed us the first time the twins met and how they handled knowing that they have the same mum and dad. I love sports so if there was no P.E is school I would have been very bored.

Bleaching My Skin

The celebrating had started and I was so proud to have said that I was part of that ceremony. I was holding the big, shiny and bold star which represented us blacks being bright and different. But when I was holding that star I started to think about the following year, if my life would be better or it would be exactly the same.

The dancing girls had started to get my attention I wanted to come in and join them but apparently I wasn’t allowed to wear a mini skirt. Everyone was cheering on the parade and it was such a phenomenal feeling to see that some whites where there in the crowd cheering for the freedom of blacks. I don’t know if the people in the south are having as much luck as we are right now in the North West.

Problems started happening after this day. I tried to get a nice home for myself because I wanted to start a family but all they had in stock for me seemed to look exactly like the sewer. I took it anyway thinking that when I get a reasonable job I’ll be able to pimp it up a little bit. When I was young wanted to be a doctor but my teacher told me to give up on my dream that no-one of my colour would get that kind of occupation. He told me I could be a singer, a dancer or a runner. I wanted to prove him wrong so I set off to find the job with my name on it. Every hospital I went to and asked for a job just laughed in my face and threw me out.

I wonder if you can bleach your skin. I’m tired of being black my family tells me to start being proud of who I am but I’m not. I bought that skin changer lotion but I doesn’t seem to work I‘m still black after 3 weeks of bleaching not one single change to my skins I was so disappointed.

Then my skin started to get light patches and I tried to get my skin even again. I looked in the mirror and I would not recognise myself anymore. I am changing from Orewa Fefe Olawafakumi to Toby Barret. I started to think I should not change what God created me as. I should be proud of who I am and not change for any one. Started to cry in the damp of my bed. I would have loved to be in my mum’s arm again.