From the sweet tongues of new writers  Commonword and Crocus books presents Sweet tongues – A Food Poetry Collection

11th December

Nexus Arts Cafe



A chance to meet the poets and hear them read their poetry out.

Sweet Tongues – The Crocus Food Anthology (ed. by Martin De Mello, Pete Kalu and Keisha Thompson) includes contributions from over 50 poets. The poets draw on local and international cuisines creating a delightful menu of poetry.

As part of their quest to discover new writing talent across the North West, the Arts Council sponsored new writing agency, Commonword are launching their search for new poems about food.

From Baked beans to curried caviar, food plays a big role in our lives.  In this tasty new collection of food poems published by Crocus Books, readers are sure to find something that satisfies their poetry palates.  The anthology reflects the global exchange that is evident in the UK’s popular cuisine and culture whilst celebrating all things traditionally English.

You are invited to partake of a menu of poems: from a fast food take away, stand up and scoff it down poem, to white linen table cloth, silver cutlery and candles, savour this exquisite morsel of a poem.

Bitter, sour, salty, sweet or umami, just downright delicious these new writers have surpassed themselves in sharing their favourite recipes and experiences of food.  So graphic is the poetry that you will imagine you have just had a slug of Mother B’s Irish Moss and Guinness punch or a plate of fire blazed polenta. After you’ve licked your lips and dusted off the last crumbs of the poetry picnic you won’t have put on an ounce of weight.

Organiser, Martin De Mello, explained, ‘Poetry and food have a long association.  When people wax lyrical about tastes they enjoy, and the times they remember when special food has been eaten, some of the finest poetry has been created.’

Nexus Arts Café is located on 2 Dale St, Manchester M1 1JW.