Digital Seed Commissions


We are offering four digital seed commissions of £500 each. This will enable four artists/creatives to generate work that has digital and literature at its heart. Coders/gamers/app designers who have a creative link with literature please apply. Joint applications by writers and coders/designers are welcome. We hope by this process to seed a new wave of digital literature.


While we will be happy to examine all proposals, ideally your project idea will fit into one of the following four categories:

  • Augmented/Virtual reality
  • Geo-Mapping
  • Narrative-based gaming
  • Twitter/Instagram stories/poems


Your proposal MUST incorporate creative literature in some way. You may use time-based literature such as story-telling or non time-based literature such as poetry at the heart of your digital project. All such choices are yours to make, we simply seek high quality, realisable proposals.

Projects we will not fund:

  • eBooks
  • University projects
  • Projects that do not demonstrate a substantial synthesis of digital and literature.
  • Projects which will take more than six months to execute.


We will choose the four most exciting and realisable proposals.

We will not provide equipment or training. We expect those applying to have the requisite knowledge and understanding.

We will showcase the completed commissions online. We may also hold a physical launch/sharing event for the completed commissions.

Please send a single pdf to containing:

  • Proposal of project (max 750 words, including a timescale, explaining what you aim to achieve through the commission.
  • A brief bio (not more than 200 words)
  • 5 images max and/or 2 links max showing any previous works.