Tsariye (pronounced suh-ree-uh) Doro is a student and poet from Manchester. She is currently part of a Creative Writing Collective at the Xaverian College, in Manchester, where poetry, prose, flash fiction, short stories and all things words are explored. Alongside the Collective, Tsariye took part in a Wordsmith event, where she and others performed as guests for the night. The build up to this saw her and her fellow poets working alongside well renowned poet, Desiree Reynolds. Tsariye has been published in the Young Writers, Poetopia: Future Voices (2015) as well as the Young Writers, The Poet Within: A Collection of Teen Poetry (2015). When Tsariye is not too busy being a cliché and chasing down her dreams she enjoys being a cliché by singing remarkably loudly to her audience of one in the mirror, and when feeling extremely adventurous might also throw in a few of her good dance moves. Seeing as her ventures into the musical world have seen no success, Tsariye has undertaken the task of dabbling and maybe becoming adequate in the art of short stories / flash fiction.