Morgan Bailey


Morgan is a poet, short story writer and actor from Manchester.

As Artists, we instinctively hunger to indulge wholeheartedly in our passions, but many of us fall short in exceeding in our craft, as life simply erodes this almost unflinching creativity into the irreparable domain of wishful thinking.  

Acting for me, epitomises everything I love about what art encompasses for it’s audiences. From a young age I fell in love with the emancipation of performing. It was a form of escapism in those early days, slowly it became an activity I could immerse my entire being, mind, body and soul into completely. I then found solace in this feeling. This feeling to break down conventional walls as to how we should behave and conduct ourselves, I then understood in greater depth as to why this was my ultimate passion.

 It wasn’t only because I wanted to defy the world and reach for the stars, but that from such a platform I’d be able to reach back downwards and touch the world, on an individual scale. Using what direction and writing given, to trigger emotions with my work. Whether that meant bringing to the surface joy, pain, jubilance, anger, pride. They would be emotions that may bring to light the possibility of change into someones life, no matter how insignificant.

Which brings me as to why writing holds such a prominent place in my life. A story has always been an endearing portal for me, ever since my mum read me my bed time stories. The magic that the words on the pages could instill and inspire in a wide eyed young boy captivated me. I loved what hearing these enchanting utterances birthed from a piece of paper allowed me to embrace – my most precious emotion – love. This didn’t necessarily motivate me to start reading, but it aroused my interest in to how I could successfully transition whatever thought or feeling I may have had in my mind or heart onto something tangible, a piece of paper.