Why Digital Literature?

Literature is a constantly evolving art form; reflecting and recording our lives and times. The advent of the digital age created new possibilities for the creation and delivery of written works.
As a writing organisation focused on increasing access to literature development and publication opportunities for writers, Commonword embraces the democratising potential of digital literature. We also recognise the continuing need to adapt our offering to both our writers and readers.
To this end, we have developed this Digital Literature Platform.
We define Digital Literature for the purposes of this platform as literature which is created in a digital form, using technologies or tools such as Twine, as well as literature which has been transferred or adapted to a digital form in order to explore creative possibilities while increasing reach and accessibility.
Get involved or find out more by e-mailing info@cultureword.org.uk

*We are aware that internet access and digital technology are not available to all. We will therefore be maintaining conventional writing elements and workshops in our programme.