Comments on Ghosts – Windrush centre

December 2011

D. Mully – “A stroll down memory lane, I was born in 1956, enjoyed the exhibition”

R. Fletcher – “A good showcase”

Rebecca – “I think it is a good thing to keep our history alive and get generations to learn about our past. It is very important.”

Sophie, Monica and Neil – “Brought back memories”

Hilary Jones – “Fantastic, more please!”

Brenda Foster – “This is amazing, so many memories! Keep up the good work.”

Bill Williams – “Excellent photo’s and text. I learnt a lot. Thank you.”

Wowo and carl – “The most powerful and well constructed people’s exhibition we have seen in Manchester in 33 years.”

Nzeria – “It’s an amazing exhibition and a real reminder of how rich they have been and continue to be. It has also been a great reminder of ‘community’ and the true meaning of that given everything which is happening with the economy today, it is something we shall all be revisiting soon.”

Rita and Harut – “I enjoyed looking at the exhibition it brought back lots of memories. Will look forward to seeing the bigger exhibition at the Zion in March.”

Chris Rothwell – “Had a great time. Took me back in time.”

Ruby – “Have had a nice time, seeing the old Mosside, taken me back to when I was young. Nice one.”

Natasha – “The nostalgia was beautiful. Loved it.”

J. Henry – “It’s nice to see more old places, very good.”

R. Steadman – “Wonderful exhibition thanks for your efforts and skill in putting it all together. It would be great if the exhibition can find a permanent place and enable schools and residents from the local area to visit.”

Blu – “Very intimate, beautiful vibes of nostalgia”

Bre – “Eye opener. Great memory-jagger. Lots of :O lost for words”

Collette Williams – “The exhibition is fantastic – evoked feelings of a community and harmony. Would of liked to have had my Granddad present as he would have loved the verbal commentary specific to our family. However Yvonne (project leader) was able to talk about the history and relay the stories she had heard from the research.”

D. Township – “Brilliant! So many memories”

Jasper – “Brought back all the good memories from the past. Great exhibition!”

Norman Wilson – “Excellent! Really enjoyed the memories!”