The following are links to books published by Commonword under its Crocus imprint and available at amazon and at all UK bookshops.

Low Life by Mike Duff

A Touch of the Sun, a novel by David Evans

The Seamstress and the Global Garment, poetry by Maya Chowdhry

Praise Songs For Aliens, poetry by Segun Lee French

Sisterwives, a novel  by Rachel Connor

The City of Lists, a novel by Brigid Rose

Bitch Lit, short story anthology

Dim Sum, British Chinese short stories

Healing Strategies for Women At War, an anthology of seven black women poets

Looking For Trouble, a novel by Cath Staincliffe (not the Crocus version which is out of print)

corned beef sandwich, a novel by Mark Sullivan

 no limits, an anthology of urban short stories

Talkers Through Dream Doors, poetry and short stories by Black women

 A Little Palace, a novel by Jann Hoag

Dancing on Diamonds, poetry and short stories by young writers

Herzone, an anthology of fantasy short stories by women

Nailing Colours, an anthology of poems of rebellion

Five women poets, an anthology of five women poets

rainbows in the ice, an anthology of poetry by disabled writers

Holding Out, an anthology of short stories by women

A Matter of Fat, a novel by Sherry Ashworth