Books published under the Crocus imprint include:

2013 Sweet Tongues: Crocus Book of Food Poems

2013 Amsterdam by Chanje Kunda

2011 Sisterwives by Rachel Connor

2009 City of Lists by Brigid Rose

2009 Migration Stories

2009 Praise Songs for Aliens by Segun Lee French

2009 The Seamstress and The Global Garment by Maya Chowdhry

2007 Poems From a Northern Soul by John Siddique

2007 The Hat Check Boy By Mike Duff

2006 Bitch Lit

2005 A Touch of The Sun by David Evans

2003 Peace Poems

2003 Out of Place by Lois Keith

2002 City Secrets

2002 Corned-Beef Sandwich by Mark Sullivan

2000 A Little Palace by Janna Hoag

2000 Low Life by Mike Duff

1999 Healing Strategies for Women at War

1997 Dim Sum

1997 Nailing Colours

1994 Kiss

1994 No Limits

1994 Looking for Trouble by Cath Staincliffe

1993 Five Women Poets